Online customer reviews are an important part of the decision-making process a customer makes during the sales cycle.

Online reputations are hard to build and can be very quickly destroyed with a few bad customer reviews.

There are quite a few websites that specialise in customers writing reviews of their experiences that users often rely on before using the services or making a purchase.

Websites such as Trip Advisor, All Agents, Trusted Reviews, Trustpilot as well as the review section of websites such as Amazon and eBay.

Here are three tips to use customer reviews to grow your business and manage the perception customers have about your brand.

1. Capitalise on customer touchpoints

There are many different ways customers can share their experiences of a brand. These include social media, phone, in-person, email, or even going old school with a handwritten letter.

By inviting your customers to share their experience, you can capitalise upon their experiences by sharing it with others.

Ask customers to post their positive reviews on Google, TripAdvisor or your website which will build on their experience with your brand.

Get your sales and customer service team to request a review after every transaction or sale and incorporate it into your everyday practice rather than leaving reviews to chance.

Honest Feedback Welcome

2. The customer of the month

Focus the spotlight upon a customer’s review, whether it be a weekly or monthly.

The review will help build the trust with potential prospects and will deepen the relationship your customer has with your brand.

Write a blog or article which describes how much you value your customer of the month and what makes them worthy of being the customer of the month.

You can also promote your customer review on social media and tag the customer into the post. The customer is more likely to promote and share the post with their network of friends and family.

Customer of the Month

3. Engage in conversations

Your customer service department should be actively monitoring review sites and proactively responding to customer reviews as part of your customer care strategy to improve your online reputation.

By responding to both positive and negative reviews shows good customer service and how your brand is willing to listen and engage with customer feedback.

To summarise customer reviews can be a great way to keep existing customers engaged and help new customers build their trust with your brand.