Business Utilities and Business Rates

Save Money On Your Gas, Electricity, Water, Business Rates and Increase Energy Efficiency

Business Utilities and Business Rates are overhead costs all businesses can do with reducing. With companies having to adapt to rapidly to the changing business environment and keeping business costs down should be a priority.

Our buying power allows us to offer businesses of all sizes the option to switch utility provider to minimise your:

  • Gas 
  • Electricity
  • Telecoms
  • Mobile
  • Broadband
  • Water Rates
  • Business Rates 

Get your company the best deal for the right length of time.

Typical Savings

Experience tells us that about 93% of businesses that use our services can reduce operational overheads and costs of between 15% and 35% within 3-6 weeks of initial engagement.

We have worked with SMEs right through to international multi-site Blue Chip organisations. All of which have been able to benefit from our substantial group purchasing power.

Our foundations built on knowledge and market expertise. Our money-saving experts have deep industry experience and continually reduce business expenses helping to create immediate operational cash flow.

Your support manager will deliver strategic and operational change to boost your gross profit while mitigating the growing number of global supply chain risks.

What are the steps to switching supply?

  1. Send us copies of your last bills for electricity and/or gas supply, and inform us of the expiry date of your existing Utilities contract. 
  2. We work with our utility specialists to analyse your current charges compared to what is available in the marketplace. 
  3. The utility partners will then present their findings. You have no obligation to accept the quotes provided unless you wish to progress and enjoy the improved supply arrangement.

Our independent utility broker partners  are carefully vetted and highly regarded in the sector, monitor the entire market for price reductions.

Given the major supply risks and price volatility in the market the need for specialist support is all the more important.

Our experts are trained to get your business a better deal. Their market experience helps your company optimise its utility contract for the best deal.

The deregulated water market across England, Scotland and Wales means we can now help you reduce your water costs based on the UK mainland.

We have a number of different devices that can be fitted to increase the efficiency of vehicles, gas, water pipes, machinery, generators and more.

We are able to source 100% renewable electricity or green gas. Reducing the business carbon footprint. 

70% of properties valued can appeal Business Rates. A successful appeal will typically result in a saving of between 15% and 30%

Reduce your water bill

The UK deregulated water several years ago, allowing us to reduce your water costs wherever your company is on the UK mainland.

What are the benefits?

Our Utility Partners are continually reviewing the energy and telecoms market place to ensure your company gets the very best deal.

Given the risks and price volatility in the market, the need for specialist support is all the more critical.

When the utility prices drop, you will be in the privileged position of having specialists on your side. They will react immediately to ensure that you enjoy price reductions as soon as possible.

You will get a better deal if you allow our experts to search the market on your behalf.

Timing is critical; our experience and market knowledge will help your company optimise its utility contract.

How It Works?

1. Register

Submit 3 months invoices and the remainder of your contract

2. Business Savings Expert

Tender your requirements against our range of independent suppliers. We work with green and eco-friendly vendors as well as house-hold named organisations.

3. Exclusive Deals

Tender your requirements against our range of independent suppliers. We work with green and eco-friendly vendors as well as house-hold named organisations.


Reduce Your Business Rates

Many of our clients tell us how much they resent having to pay high business rates. The problem is made worse by rating review companies charging upfront fees, failing to audit appropriately and failing to win appeals. High-pressure sales tactics are too frequent with these companies often take half the savings achieved.

We knew we could do much better than this.

Therefore, we offer you:

  • An initial free valuation appraisal. The survey is conducted by a highly experienced chartered surveyor to ascertain if an appeal is appropriate
  • No upfront charges
  • A ‘no-win, no-fee’ structure. Only where an appeal is successful, we will take 35% of the total saving achieved

Advice covering all aspects of rating validation from applying for:

  • small business rates relief
  • help with filling out forms to calculations for transitional assistance
  • guidance with empty or partially empty propertie

What happens if the quality deteriorates?

We only work with the top service providers, known for their marketplace expertise, value, quality of service, financial security and strength in the market.

You are not obligated to accept any quotes. 

We will be fully transparent with our findings, highlighting the advantages and disadvantages of all the suppliers that meet your requirements.

You will be informed of the preferred supplier before you sign up to the proposed contract.

At all times, you are free to decide which supplier is right for your business. 

Crucially, we oversee the performance of the utility partner to ensure that standards are maintained and ideally improved over time.

Will I receive ongoing support once the change has taken place?

You will be appointed a dedicated consultant who will continually support you and your business, helping you with problems or questions that may arise. 

They will also be happy to provide free advice on your future requirements as your business, and the marketplace evolves. 

We continually monitor supplier performance to ensure that our clients continue to be happy over the long term and are getting the best rates.

If I sign a new agreement, what happens?

We will let you know the exact terms of the contract and when you will seamlessly be transferred to the new supplier.

Over the duration of the year, our utility specialists will review market rates on your behalf, comparing them to your usage, to ensure that you continue to obtain the very best rates over the long term.