Payment Terminals

Reduce Your Card Processing Fees

Several hundred companies in the UK provide payment terminals, merchant services, accounts, and card payment processing services to UK businesses.

Like all businesses, payment merchants have different fees and running charges associated with their services.

The merchant company a business uses should be reflective of the transactions and the size of the company.

Too often, merchants lock businesses into long-term inflexible contracts and do not support the company as it expands or contracts.

At Business Bank UK, we listen to our customers to learn about their business and your requirements.

With a better understanding of our customers, we procure and present you with payment terminals, merchant accounts, PDQ machines and payment gateways that are as flexible as your business.

Payment Terminals or Payment Processing can work out expensive and cost the business thousands of pounds in unnecessary fees if you do not have the correct payment processing set up.

We aim to provide your business with affordable, flexible and reliable electronic processing solutions to suit your requirements.

Get The Buying Power Of A FTSE 250 Company

Lower Rates

Businesses using card processing will benefit immediately from our access to lower rates and set up fees than those typically charged by the banks direct.

Payment Terminals

Use our expertise to arrange the supply, installation and aftercare service for a complete range of desktop, portable/mobile terminals and integrated EPOS solutions.


Full consultancy service to review current systems/pricing and assist in negotiating improved terms and arranging tenders.

Business Bank UK can help whether your business is a retail outlet or online e-commerce store already accepting card payments or are considering offering credit/debit card processing for the first time.

Our rate review service will significantly reduce your annual costs.

Our partners have a range of lightweight, portable and affordable payment terminals, card machines, EPOS systems and more options to suit businesses of all sizes.

Simple Solutions For Complicated Times

Serve Customers Quicker

Accelerate your business with superfast transaction speeds.

Get Paid Faster

Payments directly into your account, same working day payments and many more options to suit your business.

Protect Your Income

Protect your income with secure payment encryption, the latest in fraud prevention tools and payment software.

Let your cash flow freely from your online store to your bank account.

We have a range of simple, secure and reliable payment solutions to suit every organisation.

We will present all of your options clearly and transparently.

There are No hidden fees or lengthy contracts.

Free advanced fraud screening tools included as standard, it is easy for businesses to take payments.

  • Payment options designed to suit your business needs
  • 24/7 UK based award-winning support
  • Incorporate your payments with accounting software

Give your customers more choice with Contact-less, Apple Pay, Amazon Pay, Samsung Pay, Online, Phone and even more great payment options.

Better Rates For Restaurants, Pop-Ups And Take-Aways

How does our partner compare against other online takeaway solutions like Just Eat, Uber Eats and Deliveroo?

Have you checked your statements recently?

Experience tells us the providers typically charge up to 20% on collection orders meaning a £20 collection order would cost up to £4.00 to process.

The same transaction with our safe self-ordering service takeaway would typically cost £0.63p.

That is saving £3.37 on each £20 transaction!

Challenge Business Bank UK to find significant savings for your business.


Payment Terminals Business Bank UK

The hospitality industry has been the hardest hit since the pandemic.

Our merchant fees procurement specialists have the perfect solution for your hospitality business as it adapts to the new world of COVID-19.

How Do I Get A Payment Terminal For My Small Business?

Decide what setup your business needs. A wireless system you can keep in your pocket, or an EPOS with multiple checkouts with receipt printers and cash drawers?

Use our checklist to choose a dependable card machine. We will also include other functionalities such as apps that you can download and pair with mobile or tablets.

Once we have your requirements we will find a suitable provider that can meet your needs and is offering the best value. We will monitor your business to get the most profit.

Reduce Your Transaction Fees

We can provide your business with affordable, flexible and reliable electronic processing solutions to suit your requirements.

So whether you’re a retail outlet that already accepts cards, or is considering offering your customers credit/debit card processing for the first time, our rate review service could significantly reduce your annual costs.

Our solutions can also be integrated into your website or mobile app so your customers get the same experience and the same rates. 

Choose Business Bank UK For Payment Terminals

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If you have been the victim of Payment Terminal or Credit Card Fraud, Contact Action Fraud 

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